About us

About our group

The ‘Autism in Education’ Research Group of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS)ELTE University has been officially founded on the 1st of September, 2016. It is funded via a grant within the Education Methods Research Program of the HAS.

Our research group has developed its approach on the basis of our preceding work within the frameworks of the ‘Inter-Departmental Autism Research Group’ at the ‘Bárczi Gusztáv’ Faculty of Special Needs Education, ELTE University (Budapest, Hungary). Beyond our foci in exploratory research and innovative R+D projects, our main interest is in establishing and developing further the evidence-based practices within the field of autism. We see this as a key way to improve the life qualities of people on the autism spectrum and their family members, and education as a primary target domain.

Our research group integrates research and practice competencies in the fields of education, special needs education, psychology, and health sciences. Cognitive development, educational neuroscience and the evidence-based application of state-of-art info-communication tools receive special emphasis.

The leader of the research group

Gyori Miklos

is Dr. Miklos Gyori, psychologist, associate professor and the director of the Institute for the Psychology of Special Needs at ELTE University, Budapest.

His main research foci are informatics-based assistive, educational and diagnostic procedures and methods; the psychology of, and education in, the autism spectrum; atypical cognition, language and communication; and the applications of eye-tracking technologies.

His interest in exploratory research is represented by his monograph, Autism and Cognitive Architecture (Akadémiai, 2006); while his interest in education, technologies and atypical human abilities is shown by the volume Touching the Future Technology for Autism?, co-edited and co-authored with Joseph Mintz and Morten Aagaard (IOS Press, 2012).

Since 1993, he has taught in the psychology programmes of the ELTE University; since 2010, his main teaching focus is on the special education programme of ELTE. He has been a regular guest lecturer at the University of Vienna since 1996.