International relations

The Autism Centre for Education and Research at the School of Education of the University of Birmingham – Prof. Karen Guldberg

We are in the process of building up promising connections to, and co-operation with, Prof. Karen Guldberg and her research group. As an important step, Prof. Guldberg visited our group in July 2018. A one-day conference was organised for this occasion, with Prof. Guldberg being our keynote speaker. Beyond the conference programme, we held two workshops with her, in order to explore further perspectives for collaboration, especially in of studying education for autism and developing evidence-based practices in this field.

The Institute of Education, University College London – Dr Joseph Mintz

Dr Joseph Mintz is a senior lecturer in education at the Institute of Education, University College London, ranked again the world #1 higher education institution for Education in the QS subject rankings. We have had a long history of cooperating with Dr Mintz since an international project for developing a mobile assistive-educational app for pupils with autism (HANDS project, 2008-2012). Recently we intensified the communication with Dr Mintz. New potential areas of cooperation emerged, especially in the field of educational research methods in autism and other special educational needs.

The Co-operative Research Centre for Autism and the University of New South Wales, Australia – Prof. Valsamma Eapen

We started to build connections to Prof. Eapen and her research group in the process of designing our quality of life studies within the MASZK research project. The first step in this cooperation has been the Hungarian adaptation of the QoLA questionnaire. Prof. Eapen visited our research group in July 2018 – we organised a workshop to explore vistas for further cooperation. We are working on establishing further cooperation, primarily in quantitative research on quality of life in autism. Joint conference appearances and publications are being considered as next steps in our cooperation.

The Brigham Young University (Utah, USA) – Dr Ryan O Kellems

Dr Ryan O Kellems is an associate professor at the Brigham Young University (Utah, USA). His research interest is closely related to the activities of our research group: it is centred around autism, education, and digital technologies. Our partnership is relatively new, but a couple of specific areas for cooperation have taken shape already. These focus primarily on research methods and digital support methods for pupils with autism. Professor Kellems will expectedly come to visit us by the support of a Fulbright grant in the Spring of 2022. His recent publication written together with the head of our research group, Miklos Gyori and two other colleagues, can be found here.